What is the policy ID?
If you see any CardanoChameleon for sale, please make sure the policy ID matches

Where can I get one? When is the drop date and how many NFTs will be dropped?
When chameleons are available there will be a buy page with the buy instructions. Check back here or follow on social media for updates on the next drop!

Chameleons are also available to purchase on the secondary market here: 
CNFT.io or jpg.store

How much will they cost?
Currently 45 ADA.

Are there traits?
There are many different traits to collect! Chameleons can have accessories that are included in the traits, such as sunglasses, jetpacks, or wizard staves to name a few. Surroundings are also included, things like branch type, leaf color and special backgrounds. There are also rare traits to look out for!

Are there rare Chameleons?
Rarities will be based on rare traits. How rare a trait is can change depending on the traits available in all circulating Chameleons. All possible traits have not been determined. Check out https://cnft.tools/cardanochameleons to see all the current traits.

How many do you plan on making?
A total under 1000 handmade Chameleons.